roving performances

The Painter Gals

They have the painting gear. But will the gals paint? Or will everything go horribly wrong? Be delighted by these warm and loveable characters! Taking the art of painting to new heights, you'll spot them working around your event in their painters' overalls, with brushes, colour and buckets in tow. Interacting with site-specific features like walls, doorways etc., they're a bit absurd and fun! Forever finding their way to the next job, while reading the publics' colour chart and doing percussive rhythms with their brushes, then painting using tai chi techniques & juggling. The Gals are generally outrageous. It is fun for the whole family! Go here to watch the video

The Life Savers

The Life Savers will do anything to make you laugh. Unexpected acrobatics, running and swimming to the rescue..! and they will make sure that everyone stays between the flag! This is contemporary clowning at its best.